About Me

I am right handed. Married to one, father to two.

I have two cats. One came over on the Mayflower. The other attended the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Other important details: I think Jesus had a great sense of humor. I am bad at a lot of things I think I am good at, and good at a lot of things I think I am bad at. I like my eggs over-medium and think that baseball is best over a radio

I don’t cry well. Which isn’t good. I like classic country music and rainy days. I’ve never owned an iguana or a tuba.

I can be brash and impatient. I’ve let sporting events effect my emotions. Don’t know how to ride a bike. And use a push mower on my yard

I like reading newspapers, not a fan of sand, like the color green and have a size 12 foot

I suppose I have my share of insecurities. Lord of the Rings is the second greatest book ever written. My hero is named Russell.

I’ve never seen a tornado or a polar bear in the wild. I’ve never been to Lichtenstein or Idaho for that matter. I think there are too many cuss words on network television. I’ve always wanted to spin the wheel on the Price is Right

I love the lonesome sound of the whistle on a train in the distance. I came to know Jesus personally June 2001. I am afraid my daughter has taught me more about living like Jesus than vice versa

My wife has put up a lot from me over the years. My son will break a leg or arm before he is 18

I don’t do Facebook and never will. I live next door to my parents. If you consider 8 hours away “next door”

I have drunk real Appalachian moonshine. And my back is hairy

I am overly sensitive to criticism


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