They Are Back


Right there on that purple bee balm – a big fat bee! I love my buzzing buddies. My garden as I’ve noted before is full of butterfly/hummingbird and bird attracting plants. Now I am not an expert on identifying what kind of bees they are – I just enjoy hearing them buzz around

It is fun to be right in the midst of dozens while watering or deadheading. Not once have I been stung. Its as if they know my intentions. I have read that an average bee will visit 5000 plants in a day. So it’s hardly like my place is the only location they stop at! I feel so used…..

Unfortunately this year the numbers are down. I’m not an expert but I think the extremely mild winter we had didn’t do them any favors. That is just a guess, but here we are in early July and I can tell we are off in numbers considerably

They are not alone. Butterflies are down as well. They are probably more noticeable in low numbers that bees. They are simply not here. It is worrisome. Small eco changes like that are never good. The small always indicates what is coming to the big.

I love my “mess” of a garden. There is no rhyme or pattern to it. Which is exactly my purpose. When butterflies are in the wild they do not see overly organized and plants arranged by color – they see a jumbled mess of plants, weeds, grass, vines…so I try to duplicate that by not overly organizing my garden. It really is a Golden Corral for butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.


This just happened!! A hummingbird visit my black and blue salvia!

I am not a fan of summer. I don’t like the heat, don’t like pools and beaches. And the one thing I used to love about summer (Reds baseball) is no longer accessible to me. My new guilty pleasure has been watching nature enjoy what I stuff in the ground for her to enjoy!



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