Am I Greedy?

May is here, and with it comes plenty of blooming flowers. We had a dry March and April – but both were above normal for their temperatures. Because of that, plants broke ground early. As of this morning here is a view of my garden:IMG_0361Lots of flowers, mostly butterfly and hummingbird focused, are bursting and ready to give us their colors

I’m happy right? I am jumping for joy. Well…….

If you look near the center of the picture you will see a bare patch. Nothing is growing. Last year I had a beautiful lantana plant growing there. And behind it I had a Russian Sage. This is what they look like right now

IMG_0360Just woody gnarls. For some strange reason they didn’t make it through the winter. For the past month I have kept a close eye on them waiting for either to show something green. But here we are in early May and nothing. This means they died.

In total I have close to 30 flowers in the ground. It is looking like I lost 4 this winter. These two and a Gaura and Tropicana Cana Lilly plant. That is actually a terrific success rate. But those losses bugged me. And I think deep down it is greed.

When it comes to landscaping/gardening, winter kill is to be expected. Even the best horticulturists lose plants to the winter. I have lost plants in the past. A plant will cost ~$10, so in total I lost $40. Not a big deal. But this has gnawed at me for weeks.  I wanted every plant to return. Is that greed?

There is the story in the bible about the lost sheep. The man had 100 sheep in his flock and noticed one missing. He drops everything and goes and finds it. Peter Kreeft, the wonderful Christian scholar out of Boston College, has pointed out that for Jesus 99 was too few and one was too many. A classic Christian paradox. No number other than all (100) would suffice

I would like to say that is my dilemma, but that would be to mock the parable. Truth is I am greedy. Instead of enjoying the 90% of flowers that returned and simply replacing the dead ones, I became infatuated with the few that didn’t make it

Later today I head to the nursery for replacements.