April Showers

Call we weird, but I love rain. I don’t necessarily care for driving in it (I had a hydroplaning accident in May 2009). Rain gives me a calming effect. I like to sit underneath a covered patio and just listen to the rain fall.

Some of my best memories fishing was in the rain. I have seen small creeks, maybe 3-4 foot deep, swell outside of their banks in a few hours due to a storm that had rolled in. As a kid when my buddies and I would go to Reds games, we loved rain delays. 75% of the fans would leave which turned the stadium into a playground for us youngsters.

I don’t see kids playing in the rain much anymore. As if a rain cloud is going to kidnap their kid, or if they get wet and muddy….well that stuff might not come off.

Yankee candle has a freshly fallen rain scented candle. They have had this scent for years which tells me I am not the only guy out there with an emotional attachment to rain.

Rain is often looked at unfavorably. The late Keith Whitley spoke about “I’m No Stranger to the Rain.” rain of course representing angst and struggle. We might say someone is a “black cloud”. This meaning they don’t bring light/brightness with their presence. And I get it. But that doesn’t work for me. I love rain.

Right now….it is raining, but it is supposed to move out this morning bringing sunshine. And then I am going to get out and start working in my butterfly garden. Because the soil around my home is red clay – and wet – it is going to be a disaster! I am going to be covered in red muck from head to toe. My wife will scorn me. Kids will make fun of me. And I will be loving it.

The forecast doesn’t call for rain again until Thursday



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