No Longer Useful

My apologies for completely dropping the ball with blogging. I suppose I have legitimate excuses (parenting, work, Christmas….), they would be merely that – excuses.

One of my most recent blogs was regarding a bench I had made for my garage. I made it out of recycled wood (pallets and building materials being discarded). Given my desire to save money wherever I can, find my building materials free is great! So not long after wrapping up the bench I began my next project, building some organization shelving in my garage along with a workbench. This was far more challenging because shelving will be in constant use. It will be constantly bearing some form of weight, while my bench is only holding weight every once in a while. It took the better part of two weeks, but here is the final product

pic 1.jpg


pic 2.jpg 

The wife was happy too which makes it  a homerun.

Then the flurry began. I couldn’t stop thinking about other things to build. So I made a Christmas tree out of a pallet

pic 3

 Then I made some Halloween decorations out of scrap wood

pic 4

Then I made a wine rack

pic 5.jpg

 Then I built a painting pallet and painted this

pic 6.jpg

 Then a neighbor was throwing away some lattice so I took it and painted this

pic 7.jpg

 Then I made this mason jar craft


 Then a neighbor asked me to make them a coffee mug rack

pic 9


 But my masterpiece is this hutch I built

pic 10pic 11pic 12pic 13

pic 14pic 15

It took a few weeks, but  i did it! I was very proud. And, I was able to see it to a young girl that fell absolutely in love with it. She claims she is going to send me photos of other pieces of furniture she might want me to build! A little pocket money never hurt anyone.

 My daughter especially likes my new hobby because she understand this wood is considered useless. Much of it I dig out of construction dumpsters. She understands that the next stop is the dump or a furnace. It is deemed useless. But dad comes along and gives it new purpose and meaning. It goes from worthless to having a lot of personal and financial value.

God does the same with humans. Just when we think we are useless or don’t have the purpose and value we once had, he comes along and says “I have a new role for you. Follow me”


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