I was recently asked to submit ideas for topics at a men’s breakfast. I suggested learning to be content. Then I was asked to expound on that – give discussion points. I submitted the following:

  • Being content doesn’t mean quitting, or not dreaming, or not having lofty goals
  • ·         Don’t confuse contentment with laziness
  • ·         Content = desiring to achieve more (proper desire), but willing to accept if God says “no”
  • ·         Contentment is not easy
  • ·         Content = a stillness and confidence in the heart of where you are at
  • ·         Contentment often comes at the end of a process of attempting more, but realizing God is not siding with you
  • ·         To achieve contentment you may have to undo some steps (sell that car, downsize your home, give up your leadership position, sell your business, cancel those classes you signed up for)
  • ·         Contentment = “a cool resolve”
  • ·         You must be willing to accept that contentment is countercultural. People will gossip. It is quite possible that is some circles the content man will not be well liked.
  • ·         True contentment is devoid of the rat race, comparison, jealousy, envy, gossip, guilty conscious
  • ·         Few are men who achieve contentment
  • ·         You can only know if a man is content with life by being in relationship with him. It cannot be determined up one or merely two visits
  • ·         Develop a mentoring relationship with someone who has achieved contentment
  • ·         (this may be debatable) Contentment is not something you can pursue, in and of itself. You cannot set out to be content. It is the end result of a string of wise decisions.
  • ·         It is important to ask the why question: why do you want to be content? What are your motives
  • ·         Signs of not being content: anger, fatigue, poor motives, restlessness, poor worship habits, nervousness, second-guessing, avoiding counsel and advice, fear of criticism, defensive
  • ·         A content person will find ways to glorify God in their current setting
  • ·         A content man will throw the ball out of bounds and settle for a punt rather than trying to force a play and instead throw an interception
  • ·         A content man is in the habit of saying “no, of letting things go, says “let me think about that”, weighing the consequences
  • ·         A content man = less about himself, more about God
  • ·         A content man could care less about keeping up with the Joneses (or Kardashians), not only that, but he probably doesn’t even know who the Joneses are!
  • ·         A content man is OK with losing the fight in effort to retain the relationship
  • ·         The content man doesn’t spend a lot of time looking in the mirror

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