Me and Twitter – have our own thing going


I have a Twitter account. I’ve had it since March 2011, but rarely tweet. In fact I have only tweeted once since April. It is especially hard since I got rid of my IPhone. Want to know something funny? I have 900+ followers on Twitter. No joke. Out of the 900+ only 5 would know me if I were in their presence. I have a parody account (I don’t use my real name, and everyone knows it). My “specialty” is tweeting during NFL games. I use dry, witty and clean humor throughout the game. I no longer have NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, so as a result I don’t get my home town team’s games, I have to rely solely on Twitter for live coverage. There is a tight community that is tweeting each Sunday, and I am part of that team. Just this week I had a follower send me a private message that read “I miss you so much! Can’t wait for the season to start.” That is the reason why my account exists

What I have to be careful of is enjoying it too much. I have been guilty of tweeting for several hours on a Sunday. Like all parents, I don’t want my kids to see sensuality, violence or profanity – but seeing their dad flopped on a couch staring at an IPad for several hours isn’t good either. My plan this year is to only tweet during one game on the weekend – that is it.

I enjoy tweeting because A) I am good at what I do. I am good at making people laugh, and B) I try to help people not take it too seriously. After all, it really is a game. Mike Brown doesn’t know me at all. Mike Brown (or Roger Goodell for that matter) have no interest in what’s going on in my life. With that said, I am not going to ruin my health over a game.

My humor is good. I have a couple of Steeler fans that follow me, and even they will send compliments regarding my humor – even when I am blasting Pittsburgh. I try to be honest: I am not a homer, and I am not a doomsday person. I really enjoy making people laugh. Maybe I am compensating for an internal flaw and weakness that I don’t want others to see – I don’t know – but I enjoy knowing that I helped bring good, hearty laughter into someone’s life

As for point “B” – I went through the 90s with the Bengals. I know just how damaging bad football can be to emotions and psyche. I spent HOOOUUUURRSSS watching a pathetic organization completely humiliate the city. My emotions were a wreck week after week. I don’t want others doing that. So what I try and do is lighten the atmosphere with some witty humor. Sometimes it is hard and you need to be extra creative. I just don’t want other guys falling victim to what I did in the 90s (and many other weeks/years). It is a game. Being a husband and father require my best (including my emotions and creativity) – not the NFL.

In two weeks the season will start and I will be on Twitter “doing my thing”. I look forward to it. I really do. At some point mid-season I will go over 1,000 followers. And still less that .5% will know who I am. That is OK. Mike Brown doesn’t know who I am either.


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