Class of ’92

The Class of ‘92

I am guilty of being one of those people who actually listen to the lyrics in a song. I am painfully in tune to what is being said in a song and not simply caught up in the beat or rhythm. It is a double victory when you get good lyrics with good rhythm. But it is a total loss if the song has little say to the heart and mind.

Not sure why, but I especially like music from the 60’s and 70’s. Maybe it was the Civil Rights movement, assassination of President Kennedy, Cold War, Vietnam, Woodstock, Watergate, Man on the Moon….all I know is some great music came out of this era from all genres.

My taste is eclectic. It is no wonder than in sixth grade I would be listening to Run DMC one minute, then Kenny Loggins the next (Dear Heavenly Father, I want to repent for listening to Kenny Loggins. Please forgive me of this grievous sin – Amen)

I was a member of the class of ’92. 20 years earlier the great country music quartet The Statler Brothers, released a song that would go to #6 on the charts called “The Class of ‘57” (video clip below). First off a little tidbit, none of the members of the Statler Brothers have the last name “Statler”, and only two of them are brothers.

Each member of the band has a section of the song, which goes through their graduating class in ’57. It mentions what classmates: Helen, Mavis, Harvey and Jan are doing today. The cleverly written song is like a class reunion – only with some of the veneer taken off

For instance, Randy’s on an insane ward, Ray is deep in debt, Charlotte’s on the make, Mary’s on welfare and Joe took Freddie’s wife – then Freddie took his life

I don’t do Facebook and never will. I personally believe history will show that Facebook did more damage to the average family than good. But Facebook does allow you to keep in touch with others. It keeps you from wondering what Julie is up to today – you just logon and find out. But Facebook only goes so far. Most people put their best foot forward on social media (how many people stress over selfies), and we don’t always get a true picture of what people are dealing with in life. Facebook doesn’t tell me what fears and worries are keeping my “friend” up at night.

Facebook probably wouldn’t tell me that Joe took Freddie’s wife

The chorus of the song goes as follows:

And the class of ’57 had its dreams, Oh, we all thought we’d change the world with our great words and deeds.

Or maybe we just thought the world would change to fit our needs, The class of ’57 had its dreams.

 The class of ’92 had dreams as well. I suppose our class wasn’t any different than the group graduating 35 years earlier in ’57. My graduating class was all of 148 people, and we’ve been “in the world” now for 23 years.

Most of my class is probably like Frank who works at the mill or Jerry who drives a truck for Sears, Jan who sells Tupperware or Janet who teaches grade school (and probably always will). And there’s nothing wrong with that!

My kids begin school in four weeks. They are the class of ’24 and ’27. I am sure most of their class (like the class of ’92) will be comprised of people who never make the headlines. Like Helen the hostess or Tommy who sells used cars. I hope their class is one where everyone simply makes a difference in the place God has them. They love their family, they stand up for what is right, people who sacrifice, are generous, gentle in spirit, patient and wise.

I don’t keep in touch with any of my classmates. I’m not saying that is a good thing, it’s just where I’ve ended up. Maybe it is a big reflection of my personality? I can’t begin to tell you how Mike, Marc, Amber, Bryan, Josh, Megan….are doing. I hope their lives are full of purpose and joy. And most importantly, I hope they aren’t listening to Kenny Loggins.

For the record Mark Zuckerberg was part of the class of ‘02


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