Dirty Martini

Last weekend my wife and I went to a posh bar downtown. It is located in a tall building with an excellent view of downtown. Because we have to pay for child care, we don’t get to go out on a lot of date nights. At least not dates that last very long. However, this night was a drinks, dinner, and theatre play type of date night.

Since this was a little special we decided to go to the bar mentioned above. We were early so were able to get a place right at the bar. I looked around and noticed the normal foo-foo drinks on the bar. None of that stuff for me. I wanted something manly – and something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. So in true James Bond fashion, I ordered up a dirty martini


Dirty Martini

In a few minutes my drink was in front of me. It looked like the drink in the photo accept a bit darker (I was expecting something that looked like Sprite) Typically I watch how cocktails are put together, but I didn’t this time around. After a toast to the wife, I tipped back my overpriced beverage and took a strong sip. Then BAM my mouth dried up and I apparently gave an awful face because my wife asked what was wrong.

“Good grief this thing is salty!” I suppose somewhere in bartender language the word dirty is translated salty. My wife took a sip and agreed

I love olives. I love them a lot! But something was dreadfully wrong. Of course a real man isn’t going to whine over a little sodium right? (Even though it tasted like Lot’s wife had been chiseled into my glass.) So I kept sipping….which eventually lead to gulping. Which lead to me getting to that happy place too quick

After several grueling minutes I came to the end of the Dead Sea. I took a quick bite of three olives – done! All I needed now was a few gallons of water

The next day I looked to see what was in a dirty martini. Gin, Vermouth and olive brine. I pretty sure my bartender left out the gin and vermouth!

I have since learned there are three ways to order a dirty martini: slightly dirty, dirty and filthy

“Yes bartender I will take a dirty martini, but hold the olive brine!”


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